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This website is intended to be used by anyone in Hong Kong. Vision Accounting Services Ltd. ("Vision Accounting") and its affiliates ("the Group") only provide the products and services mentioned in this webpage to areas that are legally permitted at that time. The Group does not intend to provide the information to persons who live or live in such areas where the Group is legally restricted from distributing such information. Those who browse this website must understand and abide by the relevant restrictions.

The Group may at its discretion decide to withdraw or modify any information, products and services provided on this website at any time without prior notice. The Group has the final decision and absolute discretion over your eligibility to use individual information, products and services.

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The Group does not guarantee the security of any email messages sent via this website. Any delay, loss, alteration, alteration or corruption of any information sent or received via this website is not responsible for the relevant risks.

The information recorded on this website is for reference only. The Group has strived to provide such information as accurate, complete and timely. The Group makes no representations about the accuracy and completeness of this information, and the Group shall not be liable for any loss caused by reliance on such information.

In order for you to have a better online experience, the records when you browse this website will be used for statistical analysis and to improve the stability of this website. Certain information will be collected through "cookies" files. Cookies are small data files that are automatically stored in the web browser installed on your own computer and can be collected by this website in the future. And this website uses cookies, like data tags, website log files and other scanning technologies ("Cookies") to understand your preferences for browsing individual websites, or to provide you with more personalized website content and information. At the same time, it also helps to monitor the effectiveness of this website, including collecting collective data such as the number of visitors, traffic, distribution, website problems and related diagnosis and repair, as well as strengthening security, preventing fraud and other purposes, such as improving user experience or in security reasons to restrict the connection to this website. If your web browser or device settings allow it, Vision Accounting may also use cookies to select advertisements or offers that are most appealing to you, and display those advertisements or offers when you use this website.

The data collected by Cookies are collective statistics and anonymous visitor personalization settings, such as language selection and general activities and usage status. Personal information such as name, address, or other personal information that can be used for identity verification and contact you will not be stored in Cookies. You understand that if you do not want to be tracked by cookies, you can choose not to accept cookies by changing the settings of your web browser, but you understand that this may cause you to be unable to use certain functions of this website.

If you have expressed your consent to accept cookies tracking, you confirm and agree that Vision Accounting can collect, transmit, store and use technical information, location and other information for the above reasons, including but not limited to IP address and/or device identification code, system and application software and information about your location.

Vision Accounting will also use cookies, like data tags and website log files to track your response to online advertising and measure the effectiveness of its marketing activities.

Vision Accounting may also cooperate with third-party companies that use certain applications such as Google and Facebook to conduct research on the use and activity level of this website on behalf of Vision Accounting. Google and Facebook collect data through cookies and tags. The collected information helps to understand the customer base of Vision Accounting, including the number of visitors to this website, visitor behavior and usage patterns, to obtain more accurate reports, thereby improving the effectiveness of Vision Accounting's online promotion. The data collected from this program belongs to collective statistics. Vision Accounting will not provide or obtain any information that can identify you personally to or from companies such as Google and Facebook for this purpose. In addition, no personal identification information of customers will be stored in the process.

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